Haldi Ceremony

Haldi - shades of sunshine.

The Event of Haldi was one of the most memorable events for the family during the wedding.

Hosted a Haldi Ceremony, for Mantri Family one of the Renowned Marwari Family of Surat. The event was held at Mirasol resort located in Daman.

Haldi ceremony in which a paste of sandalwood, turmeric, saffron, rosewater, and perfume is applied to the groom by friends and family at their respective homes. The turmeric included in the paste is considered auspicious and also a beauty enhancer.

The event was hosted by me and spiced up with a Gujarati theme. The family enjoyed and jammed during the Garba and Dandiya Session after the ceremony, which was enhanced by folk music and Dhols. Most of the Guests present there were NRIs. The event was a grand success and a mind blower to the guests.